Ocr course

Note that “The Banna Beast Challenge – The Fall”, will take place on a new Ocr course with some really exciting and challenging  obstacles. 

We are proud to be hosting THE IRISH OCR CHAMPIONSHIPS – which will be this years competitive wave.  

The format for the race of 8-10km including 30 obstacles with a circuit or stadium style finish of 6/7 challenging obstacles in a circuit of 800m approx , this will ensure media and spectator satisfaction and will create an exciting  and challenging finish for competitors.  We aim to allow 4 at a time to enter the circuit in order of reaching it and having their time stopped while waiting and  recorded by our system.  There will also be a slow Lane or 5ft Lane of 2/3rd attempts.

We are using a timing and penalty system which uses an electronic gate at the entrance and exit of each obstacle. The competitors wear a wristband that records when it passes the gate. This allows us to use a piece of custom software to calculate a time penalty for any obstacle where the exit gate has not been recorded.

The hardware has been used in elite world class orienteering events for many years. What we do is simply gather the data and process it.

This means that it becomes the runners responsibility to scan in and out of each obstacle. Marshals do not need to note runners numbers and can focus on safety.

Penalty times available instantly and can be added to the finish time on the results as soon as runners have downloaded.

Click the image to View our interactive Walk Through of the April Course showing you some of the obstacles you may encounter.  Be prepared for the toughest challenge of your life – guaranteed to be fun. fast and furious. Unleash your  Inner Beast !!

Ocr Course

ocr course
Ocr Course


You can also view an Interactive Map (on your PC or Phone)

You can also download our Course Map in PDF Format.